Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) embraces a robust research analytics approach to drive and celebrate academic excellence. Through advanced analytics, we meticulously track our research performance, ensuring our activities resonate with both scholarly impact and societal relevance.

Benchmarking and Progress Monitoring

The use of research analytics is pivotal for benchmarking HKBU's research strengths against our peers. Sophisticated dashboards and data analytics tools allow us to continuously monitor our progress, providing insights into our areas of strength and potential development. These tools are instrumental in positioning HKBU on the global research stage and in steering our strategic research initiatives.

Extensively, platforms such as SciVal are utilised to benchmark our performance, identify outstanding researchers worldwide, and delve into field-specific research metrics. This enables us to maintain an environment where research excellence is the norm.

HKBU Scholars: A Showcase of Distinction

HKBU Scholars, powered by Pure, stands as a testament to the scholarly achievements of our academics. It showcases their work and amplifies their contributions to the global research community. The data within HKBU Scholars are leveraged in a variety of ways, supporting both individual growth and institutional strategy. This platform reflects our commitment to transparency and serves as a cornerstone for recognising the multifaceted impact of our research.

Evaluating Academic Performance with a Multidimensional Lens

Our approach to evaluating academic performance at HKBU is comprehensive, integrating traditional bibliometrics with indicators that reflect the evolving landscape of research. We assess interdisciplinary work, recognising its potential to spur innovation through the convergence of diverse fields. Collaborations with industry are scrutinised for their applied impact, and research contributions towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are highlighted for their societal significance.

Incentivising a Broader Research Vision

In alignment with these analytics, our promotion system is designed to incentivise a broader vision of research. HKBU appreciates that breakthroughs often occur at the intersection of disciplines, and our promotion criteria are designed to acknowledge such collaborative achievements. By factoring interdisciplinary research into promotion decisions, we incentivise our faculty to reach across departmental lines, fostering partnerships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) that drive innovative research forward. By valuing industry partnerships, and SDG-aligned initiatives, we encourage our faculty to pursue research with far-reaching academic and societal impacts.

Adapting to Emerging Research Trends

HKBU's research analytics are dynamic, adapting to emerging trends and metrics in academic research. We are committed to the ongoing refinement of our evaluation criteria, ensuring that they encapsulate the full spectrum of research excellence and impact.

Research analytics at HKBU serve as the bedrock for our strategic decision-making and policy development. By combining existing tools with innovative metrics, we foster a research environment that is dynamic, impactful, and globally acknowledged. We are dedicated to advancing knowledge, driving sustainable solutions, and enhancing societal well-being through our comprehensive and forward-thinking approach to research analytics.