Data is essential to our processes and fundamental to our decision making activities.  The data generated by the University are important assets that must be managed appropriately to underpin institutional strategic development, operational activities, essential functions and academic integrity.

Lack of governance can lead to operational inefficiencies and could expose the University to unwanted risks.


The purpose of the Data Governance Policy is to:
  • Establish the principles of and practices for the effective management and use of institutional data;

  • Ensure institutional data is secure and reliable while accessible within a clear system of controls;

  • Ensure that University decision making, planning and reporting is informed by secure, well-managed and reliable data; and

  • Articulate responsibilities for the stewardship of institutional data and information systems supporting the implementation of this Data Governance Policy.


Policies, guidelines, and standards related to data privacy, data protection, and information security can be found on the BUniPort.